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Title: Holy Sword issue 2 out now + free pdf download
Post by: warlordtony on March 27, 2010, 03:51:25 AM
Holy Sword - Old Style Printed Fanzine Issue #2 - 60+ Pages Full Of Steel!

We are glad to present the 2nd issue of Holy Sword (issue 1 was released on October 2002 as a multimedia cd-rom 'zine). This time the 'zine comes in two versions: printed and pdf.

Contents: interviews with Arryan Path, Atlantean Kodex, Convixion, Dexter Ward, Doomsword, Enforcer, In Solitude, Marauder, Mortician, Praying Mantis, Savage Grace, Slauter Xstroyes, Wild Knight, Blaze, Custard, Force Majeure, Hellish War, Hibria, Pagan Altar, Storrmbringer, German 90’s Steel, more than 100 reviews, fanzine reviews, labels' index etc.

Ordering info (No Remorse, Sonic Age, Metalfighters etc.):

FREE PDF download

Enjoy! Metal on!

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